Waterfall Hunt In Transylvania, Romania

Every waterfall addict knows that late spring is the best time of the year to visit waterfalls. Fed by all the melting snow, they are roaring and thundering, and they look spectacular! At higher elevations this timeframe shifts to June and July. Like in the romantic mountains of Transylvania.

So here are some easily reachable, pretty waterfalls to find there in the summer (actually, they are our favorites from last summer):

Cascada Lolaia, Retezat National Park

Cascada Lolaia, Retezat National Park, Transylvania, Romania

Retezat National Park is an untouched wilderness. It mostly offers long, demanding, challenging hikes that are breathtakingly beautiful, too. However, there’s an easy one that still offers unique beauties: the trail to Lolaia Waterfall (Cascada Lolaia in Romanian).

This 15 metres high, uniquely shaped, roaring waterfall can be reached with a 30 minutes hike from the small village of Cârnic. If you walk a bit further up from the viewpoint, you can cross a small bridge that rewards with nice views of this wild mountain stream and some smaller cascades.

Retezat National Park, Transylvania, Romania

We actually decided to hike even further, to Pietrele mountain hut and then towards Retezat peak. We didn’t reach the peak, party because we didn’t have enough time, and also because we would have turned back, anyway, as it disappeared in the fog. But the trail towards there runs in a lush green valley that’s full of amazing, hidden waterfalls. We couldn’t even figure out their names nor find them on our maps, but some were just as stunning as Lolaia Waterfall.

Hiking essentials
  • Trailhead: Cârnic (last section of the road to Cârnic is a dirt road and it’s in quite a bad condition, drive safe)
  • Length: ~ 1 hour to Lolaia Waterfall and back (if you decide to hike further to Retezat peak, you need to start very early so that it fits in one day)
  • Difficulty: medium up to Lolaia Waterfall (strenuous path further to Retezat peak)
  • See a detailed hiking map here!

Cascada Bâlea, Făgăraș Mountains

Cascada Bâlea, Transylvania, Romania

Transfăgărășan Highway offers spectacular views of the Făgăraș Mountains, Lake Bâlea and countless lovely waterfalls. The most famous of them is 60 metres tall Bâlea Waterfall. It can’t really be seen well from the road, but a hiking trail leads you to the bottom of the waterfall. It took us about an hour to get there, and the trail runs along a lovely stream all the way.

It’s not a very steep trail, but we don’t recommend you doing it in flip-flops and elegant skirts as some people, whom we met on the way, tried. You need sturdy hiking boots and comfy clothes. It can also get slippery and muddy after a rain (and it rains a lot in the Făgăraș Mountains). But the waterfall is an amazing reward at the end of the path!

Transfăgărășan Highway, Transylvania, Romania

Finally, a note on your timing: Transfăgărășan Highway usually opens only in the summer, June or July. Always check the latest news, it varies each year based on weather conditions.

Hiking essentials
  • Trailhead: parking at the cabin station along the Transfăgărășan Highway
  • Length: ~ 2 hours round-trip
  • Difficulty: medium

Cascada Urlatoarea, Bucegi Mountains

Cascada Urlatoarea, Transylvania, Romania

Urlatoarea Waterfall is a 15 metres tall, nice waterfall not far from the the village of Bușteni in the Bucegi Mountains. The trail that runs in the forest was extremely muddy the time we did it (after several days of summer thunderstorms). But it was worth the struggle – besides, it was thundering again, and one can’t conquer peaks in that weather, anyway.

If you continue your way up from the waterfall, there are several smaller falls, and you can make it a loop trail if you follow that path. We got this tip from a local man whom we met at the waterfall, otherwise we would have returned the same way, because the other path was not easy to notice.

Hiking essentials
  • Trailhead: cable car station in the village of Bușteni
  • Length: ~ 2 hours round-trip
  • Difficulty: medium

Have you been to Transylvania? Any favorite waterfalls there?


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