[Video post] On The Search For Seals Along California’s Pacific Coastline

[Video post] On The Search For Seals Along California’s Pacific Coastline

The ocean is very deep and cold along California’s Pacific coastline and it’s the main reason that it has an incredibly rich marine life. Whales, dolphins, sea otters and seals can be spotted often even from the shore. Seals actually come to the shore to rest from time to time so we saw them the most during our coastal hikes.

Where exactly? Sea lions can be found in a lot of harbors like around the piers in San Francisco, Monterey or Santa Cruz. Also you have a high chance to spot some from the coastal trails. It’s easy to notice them because they bark loudly. Harbor seals are more quiet and shy and they prefer the more abandoned bays. We had to make sure they didn’t see us because they are very much afraid of people. Finally, elephant seals. A small state park called Año Nuevo is a place where up to 10000 elephant seals return to breed every year.

In general you need luck and patience to spot wildlife but seals are probably one of the exceptions in California. They can be found really everywhere along the Pacific coastline so whether you walk in the harbour or hike on coastal trails you have a very high chance of bumping into some seals. Here’s a short video about some of our cute and funny seal moments to whet you appetite:

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2 Responses

  1. Angelica says:

    Oh gosh, they’re so cute. Best scene: seal slap fight at 1:29! Subbed and can’t wait to see more videos!

    • Our Wanders says:

      They are adorable, haha! And that was a rare moment when we’ve seen them but they haven’t noticed us at all because we were actually above them hiding behind trees. 😀

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