[Video post] Welcome To California’s Fascinating Volcanic Park!

[Video post] Welcome To California’s Fascinating Volcanic Park!

California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park was definitely not on our bucket list previously. How could it have been if we’ve never heard about it before? But spending a year in the San Francisco Bay Area gave us a chance to explore all the national parks nearby and we took every chance to do just that. California has an awesome variety of wonderful national parks and Lassen Volcanic is no exception.

It was our very first time in a volcanic park and we were totally amazed by all the things boiling, bubbling and emitting steam and gases. We were amazed even by the smell – I mean a place called Devil’s Kitchen should smell like rotten egg, right? But go a little further from the geothermal areas and you’ll find flourishing life. We were amazed by all the colors we found in this park: milky blue hot springs, green Boiling Springs Lake, vivid red and yellowish soil, grey ash contrasting with red colors on the Fantastic Lava Beds, green pine forests and crystal clear blue lakes… But let us actually show it to you:

Have you ever heard about Lassen Volcanic? Are you tempted to climb a volcano?

We’ve started our YouTube travel channel not so long ago and we’ve already uploaded some short appetizers about quite some amazing national parks we’ve been to. Now that spring has arrived it’s very likely that we’ll have some videos about cute baby animals and beautiful blooming flowers soon. Subscribe now!

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