Free Travel Itineraries

Like most people who like travelling, we don’t travel full-time either. It takes effort and careful planning to get the most out of our vacation days each year. We take a day trip whenever we have the time (and the enjoyable weather), or go for a weekend getaway near where we live. We use our precious long weekends for shorter road trips, and we usually have one or two longer trips (one-three weeks) each year.

We chose our destinations from an endless bucket list, after we considered the weather, the prices of currently available flights and accommodations, and the length we’d have for the upcoming trip. Sometimes we book great deals on a whim, and jump into travel planning after that.

Either way, we love planning! It’s already a part of the trip for us, and we created many amazing trip itineraries throughout the years. We’d like to help you plan your own travels by sharing some of our favorite itineraries. They’re usually not exactly the same as what we used, because we got back to them after our trip, and tweaked them a bit to make them even more enjoyable (aka learning from our mistakes).

Hopefully, they are good starting points, but don’t forget to shape them to your needs. 🙂 And take a look at our destination travel guides on the blog to get even more tips before visiting your perfect place.

Longer (one-three weeks) road trip itineraries in Europe

We are obsessed with road trips, because they allow us to explore lesser-known sights and hikes, and nothing can beat their flexibility. We usually don’t want a car on any city sightseeing trip, but we prefer having one for exploring the countryside.

If you’d put together an agenda of visiting major European cities, a European rail pass might suit you better.

We had some unforgettable road trips in many European countries, like Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, France, Ireland or Iceland. We don’t have a travel itinerary article for each one, but we try to keep up. Here are some of our complete ones:

Long weekend getaways in Europe

Here are destinations – cities and/or national parks – where we spent a few days, and we’ve written posts to help you to see the best during such a short time.

Day trips from Budapest

Budapest is the city where we’ve spent most of our adult lives so far, so we got experts on the best day trips from the Hungarian capital.

Please, don’t “do” Vienna or Prague as day trips from Budapest, you’ll have a jam-packed day, you’ll barely see anything, but certainly you won’t have time to fall in love with any of these cities. We have much better options for you from the Hungarian countryside:

Long weekend getaways in the USA

The United States is made for road trips. However, visiting some of its exciting cities might even be a better fit if you only have a few days off.

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