Those Sweet First Experiences

I was maybe in sixth grade in elementary school when I learnt to cook. Well, to be specific, I learnt to cook spaghetti. The deal was: if I and my siblings could take care of cooking in the summer holiday, we won’t be sent anywhere to be taken care of while mom and dad are working. Since we felt old enough not to always be taken care of, we surely opted for cooking.

Vienna, Austria, 2011

Since I’m the eldest, this task ended up on my list. And I completed it successfully: I cooked spaghetti all summer. It’s an easy and quick food to cook, and my spaghetti became quite acceptable by the end of summer. We also got totally bored of eating spaghetti by then. In fact, I very rarely feel like I’d eat some spaghetti since then. So whoever says first experiences are especially important (actually, a lot of people say it), I wholeheartedly agree. 😛

California, USA

The first boyfriend I had became my husband. That was again an outstanding first experience – and thankfully one that I haven’t got bored of ever since. 😀 And yes, this person is Csaba, my partner in crime for this blog and all our adventures – well, and everything else.

Our first kiss happened in Szeged. We bought our first Christmas tree together in Szeged, too. Our first travel experience together was a short getaway to Gyula, a lovely little town in Hungary. Our first trip abroad was Greece. We returned there for our honeymoon, too.

Old times in Greece

I was proposed to in Vienna. We went skiing together for the first time to Austria. We first walked on a glacier in Iceland.

We tried kayaking for the first time on Wailua River, on the island of Kauai. Since then we kayaked in Hungary, too. 😀 We had our first helicopter tour above Kauai, Hawaii. We first hiked in a tropical rainforest there, as well.

Kauai, Hawaii

We had a jet ski ride for the first time at Miami Beach. We first met an alligator in the wild in Florida.

The first time we hiked above 3000 metres was in Yellowstone National Park (Mount Washburn, 3116 m). We had our first whale watching trip in Monterey Bay, California. We first met a bear in the wild in Sequoia National Park. And the first city we lived abroad together was San Francisco – well, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

We dived for the first time at the Great Barrier Reef. We first drove on the left in Australia. We hugged a koala for the first time in Australia, too.

Every experience matters, but first experiences matter even more. Whether it’s a place we love that make our experience there so remarkable, or it’s the thing we try for the first time that make the place so special, it’s hard to decide. What is for sure though that the most important thing in our experiences is each other.

Algarve, Portugal

As this year is coming to an end, we reflect on all the good things and all the new things that happened with us. We watch old photos and talk about old memories. We cherish those moments again. And we dream about the places we will visit and the things we will try for the first time next year. Well, and we eat chocolate fondant in a shameful quantity, and enjoy being a bit sentimental as Christmas is getting closer and closer.

How about you? What are some of your sweet first experiences?


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