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Our 10 Days Croatian Itinerary You Should Steal

We had some fabulous trips this past year and we’ve already shared a lot of details about them. It’s not the case with Croatia, one of our new favorite countries! This time we decided to share our itinerary first. Party because we feel even months after the trip that is was the perfect itinerary for…
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Festival Of Flowers In European Cities

Have you ever heard about the Festival Of Flowers? No wonder you haven’t, because we made it up for ourselves this spring. Actually, you may heard about flower parades (like this one in Holland), but ours was a bit different. After the gray and rainy winter months we were so looking forwards to the first…
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Is Zagreb, Croatia’s Capital Worth A Visit?

Which city comes to your mind first when thinking of Croatia? It might be Dubrovnik. Or Split? Rovinj? I bet it’s not Zagreb. Though Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, it’s probably not one of the most popular touristy cities in the country. Also, it’s located inland, further from the beloved Adriatic Coast. Is it…
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