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4 Disappointments In The US

e’ve visited a whole lot of places in the US during the year when we lived in California and we love that country, especially its stunning national and state parks! There were so many places which exceeded our (sometimes very high) expectations or unexpectedly surprised us with their beauties and we’ve already written several posts…
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6 Highlights Of The Foggy Mount Rainier National Park

We had a one day road trip in Mount Rainier as part of a two weeks road trip through US national parks. That one day was definitely not enough for anything. And even during that one day it was dense fog all day. It meant that we couldn’t see the snowcapped peak of Mount Rainier…
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Why Should You Visit Seattle?

Honestly, Seattle has never been on our travel bucket list. But we happened to travel from Mount Rainier to Olympic National Park this summer and Seattle was kind of ‘on the way’, so we thought why not spend a day there. And we haven’t regretted we did – it would have been a great mistake…
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