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The Incredible Hike To Zion’s Angels Landing

Zion is a typical example of a national park we’ve never ever heard about before moving to the US. And now we wander why… Because it’s such an amazing park! It’s relatively small, but its fascinating canyon, wild green river and red cliffs make it unique and unforgettable. Oh, and its extreme hike: Angels Landing!…
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Short Scenic Hikes In Utah Desert

I couldn’t believe that once I thought hiking in a desert must be boring and all the same. Several occasions proved me wrong on that. One of these experiences was a day when we were travelling to Zion National Park in Utah, but stopped for a couple of short hikes during the day. Advantages and challenges…
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A National Park Still Not Famous Enough: Zion, Utah

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Utah? Since last October, it’s Zion National Park for us. We’ve never even heard about it when we lived in Europe and after visiting it, I really don’t understand why it is not as famous as Grand Canyon or Yosemite. But…
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