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Portuguese Sunsets And Thoughts Of A Photographer

As a photographer my favorite part of the day starts late in the afternoon. I know, I know, I should have said sunrise. But I’m too lazy to get up that early. That few occasions when I did get up, it was cloudy and gloomy. It’s not like I’ve given up on sunrise photography but…
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Colorful Sunsets From The US

Who doesn’t love sunsets? In this photo essay we’ve collected the most colorful ones we’ve seen during our travels around the US. Oh and if you notice that half of them is from California – well, that doesn’t mean we are biased against our beloved California at all, but only that it has truly spectacular…
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10 Amazing Kauai Sunsets

Visiting Kauai, Hawaii’s ‘garden island’ was like getting a little piece of heaven on Earth! We were blown away by its stunning beaches, wild coastline, rich marine life and we were truly amazed how unspoiled this island is. Oh, and the sunsets! No day passed without us sitting or walking on a beach and watching…
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