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Best Day Hikes In Iceland

Iceland is so full of beautiful and unique natural treasures that you may wonder whether it’s worth spending a whole day on the same trail. As for us, full day hikes were important part of our Iceland itinerary. We are passionate hikers anyway, and how could we not experience some of the famous day hikes…
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6 Breathtaking Canyons In Iceland

Iceland is famous for its breathtaking natural beauties – for a good reason. We found places there that we wouldn’t have dreamed of and it was hard to believe we are still on planet Earth sometimes. We thought if there’s a place in this world where we could find the most amazing canyons it should…
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In Search Of The Basalt Column Canyon Of Eastern Iceland

The thing we realized on our trip around Iceland is that less famous places there are no less unique or wonderful than their more famous kin – they are just less accessible and therefore lesser known. Our favorite of these hidden gems is Stuðlagil, the Basalt Column Canyon in Jökuldalur valley, Eastern Iceland. The eastern…
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