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Our First Taste Of Central Dalmatia: Split & Makarska

Dalmatia is one of the four historical regions of Croatia and our favorite! It’s the narrowest of the regions and it includes the Dinaric Alps mountain ranges and the Southern Adriatic coastline. Mediterranean climate, bare white mountains along the coast, magically blue Adriatic Sea, wonderful old towns, pretty islands, vibrant harbours and beach towns, Dalmatian…
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Our 10 Days Croatian Itinerary You Should Steal

We had some fabulous trips this past year and we’ve already shared a lot of details about them. It’s not the case with Croatia, one of our new favorite countries! This time we decided to share our itinerary first. Party because we feel even months after the trip that is was the perfect itinerary for…
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The Nicest Lamps From Our Travels

Sometimes I’m wondering whether it’s a strange thing to take photos of street lamps. I do it all the times for sure and I just can’t stop. They belong to the atmosphere of magical cities and small towns to me. And there’s something about a street which is lightened up by old style lamps. It’s…
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