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7 Cool Places Under The Ground In Eastern Europe

I remember a giant hall. The ceiling disappeared in the darkness. There were tiny lights and a huge blackness around us. We walked in silence and awe. Suddenly we came to a halt. We saw a deep ravine and a narrow bridge and we heard the sound of water but it was so deep down…
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Hornad Canyon – Falcon Valley Loop, Slovak Paradise

Slovak Paradise National Park (Národný park Slovenský raj) is a real paradise for outdoor and adventure lovers. It has several narrow glens and valleys, charming clear creeks and waterfalls which offer shorter and longer hikes both easy and more challenging ones. Ladders, platforms and iron steps built-in the rock make it possible to explore these…
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A Place Called Slovak Paradise

Out of Slovakia’s 9 national parks Slovak Paradise (or in Slovak: Slovensky Raj) definitely has the coolest name. It would be hard to argue with this naming as this small park is a real paradise with its lush forests, wild creeks, adventurous ravines, glens and waterfalls. Could you see yourself climbing up to the top…
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