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Our 6 Favorite Urban Parks – From 6 Years Of Travelling

It was 6 years ago that we got married. Also, it was 6 years ago that we started our first professional jobs. And it was 6 years ago that we started travelling together. We’ve been to 3 continents, 23 countries, 13 US states, 60 national parks and dozens of cities since then. Whether these numbers…
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Best Winter Hikes In Southern California

Late autumn and winter is probably the only part of the year that’s pleasant for hiking in the otherwise very hot and dry Southern California. And it’s worth taking advantage of the pleasant winter temperatures because the Southern part of California offers quite some special landscapes. We spent some time hiking there both around Thanksgiving…
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The Surprises Of San Diego

I’ve never really known anything special about San Diego until we moved to California. But since we lived so close to it for a year, it was time to go and explore. And it was such a surprise! Not as we imagined an American city We expected a typical big American city and it has…
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