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Our 2 Weeks Itinerary For Ireland & Northern Ireland

We don’t have limitless free time, least limitless vacation days within a year. So each year we carefully plan when and where to travel, and how to get the best out of our time there. Last year our longest trip was a 2 weeks road trip in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Since we had a…
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The Best Places To Birdwatch In Ireland & Northern Ireland

We knew that the Wild Atlantic Way and its coastal hikes will be a highlight of our Irish road trip. Because we love pretty coastal drives and hikes! What we didn’t expect is that we were spoiled with memorable birdwatching moments on this road trip, as well. In case you doubt birdwatching is an exciting…
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Our Favorite Waterfalls In Ireland & Northern Ireland

Ireland is also called the Emerald Island due to its lush green countryside. And that is thanks to the frequent rains. But frequent rains mean something else, too: beautiful waterfalls! As we drove around the island, we found lots of pretty waterfalls in addition to the breathtaking coastal hikes, lakes and ancient ruins. So let…
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