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12 Great Things Not To Miss In Queensland

Queensland, the second largest state of Australia. Home to ancient rainforests, fabulous tropical beaches, sand islands and coral reefs. Saltwater crocodiles and deadly stingers, too. Australia’s Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. It’s a unique place to visit, and you can be sure to return home with spectacular memories. We share our favorites. So this state,…
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9 Easy & Stunning Coastal Walks Along Australia’s Eastern Coastline

We wanted to visit Australia for several reasons. Koalas and kangaroos, for one. The Great Ocean Road, for two. The Great Barrier Reef, for three. Actually, ordering these experiences is kind of pointless, because all of them is unique in their own way. And the wonderful beaches and coastal walks have their well-deserved place on…
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Noosa National Park, A Treasure On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

We’ve been raving about all the natural beauties of Australia’s Eastern coastline, but it’s time to show you some concrete examples. So here it is: a fabulous national park on the coast of Queensland that’s a mix of turquoise bays, perfectly sandy beaches, scenic coastal walks and eucalypt forests. Yes, koalas, too, if you’re lucky…
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