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15 Stunning Waterfalls From The US

We love nature. And we love waterfalls so much! Okay, the same stands for mountains, alpine lakes, lush green forests or the ocean. But let’s stick to waterfalls for now. Because we want to share our favorites with you from the United States. Because the US has a lot to offer in terms of waterfalls,…
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Our 10 Favorite State Parks In The US

We’ve been to 13 US states. 17 national parks, 30+ state parks, 20+ other kind of parks (preserves, regional parks, recreation areas etc.). Yes, we love outdoors! And the United States is a huge country with a great variety of hiking opportunities. A lot of its national parks are world famous and for a good…
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Niagara Falls In 2 Wonderful Days

We’ve always dreamed about seeing the greatest waterfall in the world and we finally made this dream come true this June. Originally, we planned to stay at Niagara Falls only for a day during our New York State road trip assuming it’s just one waterfall after all, even if it’s the largest in the world,…
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