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Our Favorite Wildlife Encounters In Australia

While everyone was teasing us with all the creatures that will kill us in Australia, our wildlife experiences turned out to be among the best things on our Australian trip. No surprise. We love being out there in the wild, surrounded by nature, and embrace whatever it has for us. (Okay, long days of pouring…
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Our Best Experiences In Australia

Roadtripping along the eastern coastline of this faraway country down under was an overwhelming experience. While we find each country we visit unique, Australia is just beyond that. For one, about 80% of the plants and animals that live there can’t be found anywhere else in the world! Every tree and flower is a wow…
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Monthly Recap: April 2018

So we’ve been to Australia. We didn’t dare to believe it’s happening. Not until we were over that 20+ hours long flight to Melbourne. Not until we’ve seen the giant waves along the Great Ocean Road for the first time. Not until we meet the first shy kangaroo in Great Otway National Park. We’ve actually…
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