7 Things To Love About Amsterdam

We haven’t actually planned a trip to Amsterdam but we ended up there. It’s one of those famous European cities we knew we’d end up visiting anyway sooner or later. We stayed in Eindhoven and since it’s so close to Amsterdam we couldn’t miss it. If only for a day. But even one day was…


Our Best Travel Moments Of 2016


It’s that time of the year again when everyone gets nostalgic and we are no different. To be honest, curling ourselves up on the couch while drinking hot tea, eating some chocolate and talking about ‘the good times’ is the only thing we want to do on a dark, chilly December day. Another year has…


The Nicest Lamps From Our Travels

Sometimes I’m wondering whether it’s a strange thing to take photos of street lamps. I do it all the times for sure and I just can’t stop. They belong to the atmosphere of magical cities and small towns to me. And there’s something about a street which is lightened up by old style lamps. It’s…