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Colorful Scenes From The US

So another year ends… It’s time for reviews and resolutions and of course, we look back to our year as well… And our travels. We spent more than a year in the United States and it was full of incredibly wonderful travel experiences! In this post we collected the most colorful scenes we’ve seen. Enjoy!…
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Best Scenic Drives In The US

Road trips are especially popular among Americans. We understood the reason while living in the United States. It’s just the perfect country for road trips. Roads are wide and well-maintained. They offer any kind of service you’d need (gas stations, restaurants, restrooms, rest areas). On the other hand, distances are long. If you want to see…
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Wildflower Bloom In Glacier National Park, Montana

At the north border of the US Glacier National Park is a place where you can truly feel the peacefulness and immensity of nature. It has stolen our heart with its high snowcapped peaks, incredibly clear, blue and greenish blue glacial lakes, hidden waterfalls… And with its wildflowers! There’s only a couple of months throughout…
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