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Best Winter Hikes In Southern California

Late autumn and winter is probably the only part of the year that’s pleasant for hiking in the otherwise very hot and dry Southern California. And it’s worth taking advantage of the pleasant winter temperatures because the Southern part of California offers quite some special landscapes. We spent some time hiking there both around Thanksgiving…
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Best Early Spring Hikes In California

Every season is hiking season with unique beauties in California. Early spring’s magic is the wildflower bloom! It starts as early as January and it’s over by April – at least at lower elevations (we definitely don’t think of the Sierra Nevada which is mostly covered by snow even in April). Also, early spring is your last…
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4 Disappointments In The US

e’ve visited a whole lot of places in the US during the year when we lived in California and we love that country, especially its stunning national and state parks! There were so many places which exceeded our (sometimes very high) expectations or unexpectedly surprised us with their beauties and we’ve already written several posts…
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