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Lost In Nature: Ireland

When we think of Ireland, we don’t think of Guinness. Nor Irish pubs. Not even Dublin. We think of landscapes. We think of rain. Drizzle. Fog. Wind. Cloudburst. We think of green and blue. Sheep and razorbill. Ruins on the hilltop. We visited Ireland for the first time this May. We spent two weeks road…
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Puffins In Ireland? Yes! – Visiting The Skellig Islands

Puffins are the cutest birds. Period. (Our blog, our opinion. Sorry. 😀 ) But these adorable birds prefer the least accessible places to nest and breed. It’s quite understandable from their point, but it makes hard for us to take a close look at them. They live on the islands of the Atlantic Ocean –…
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5 Amazing Scenic Drives In Ireland

2 weeks, 3000 kilometres. Our first road trip in Ireland. With insanely narrow country roads and dramatic coastal roads that have their own unforgettable charm. It was more or less a scenic drive all the way, still we try to highlight our favorite sections. The best of the best scenic drives in Ireland. Ireland’s most…
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15 Pictures To Make You Fall In Love With Donegal, Ireland

We found a region in Ireland that’s remote, wild and stunning. Its narrow country roads lead to amazing natural beauties and cultural attractions. It’s not a busy place though, it’s exactly a place where you can find silence and solitude. Let us make you falling in love with Donegal county. Donegal is one of the…
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Best of Ireland

How To Experience The Best Of Ireland

Our two weeks road trip made us fall for the emerald island. The national parks, the Atlantic Ocean, its scenic drives and coastal hikes, the old stone castles, mansions and ancient ruins… Now let us show you how to experience the best of Ireland. So two weeks in Ireland. On the road – oh, those…
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Monthly Recap: May 2019

We spent most of May on the road. Starting with an awesome road trip in a new-to-us region of Czechia, then continuing with a new-to-us country, Ireland. We fell in love with both, even though the weather we got was far from perfect (what is perfect Irish weather, by the way?). We spent most of…
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