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7 Books To Whet Your Appetite For Hungary

I’m not just a travel addict but a bookworm, too. I’ve already written a post about exploring the world beyond travel, and books are an important part of this exploration for me. They take me to different places, times and cultures and I can laugh and cry with my beloved characters while they also teach…
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Autumn In Hungary’s Börzsöny Mountains

October is a colorful month in Hungary. It’s the time when our seasonal forests turn into all the shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. It’s the time to enjoy the colorful landscapes before they turn bare and grey. And we are especially happy when we have such a sunny October as this one to…
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Monthly Recap: October 2018

October is usually the month of wonderful autumn colors! It was no different this year, Central Europe impressed with all the shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. We had an unusually warm and sunny October, so we spent quite a lot of time outdoors. But the highlight of our month was… Highlights Long weekend…
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Visit Hortobágy National Park, Hungary

Hortobágy National Park is the first Hungarian national park. It’s also our only national park that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well. It’s iconic, rich with folklore and cultural history. But why is it worth a visit?

Monthly Recap: September 2018

Even though we didn’t have any travel plans for September, it ended up being quite busy. Actually, we didn’t spend a single weekend at home. And we did what we always promise ourselves to do more and then always forget: we spent some time in our backyard. We did three days trips from Budapest this…
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Local’s Guide To Budapest Christmas Markets

Though we were raving about the Christmas Markets of Budapest in the past years, we realized we’ve never actually put together a proper guide on what and where to explore. Since there’s plenty of time before the upcoming Christmas season, we are maybe not too late with it this year. If you’ve been reading this…
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Monthly Recap: June 2018

June was about everything we love in the summer: colorful city parks, romantic walks in the light breeze, millions of wildflowers, lots of time hiking in the mountains, and lots of time outdoors in general. And sunshine. Lots of sunshine. Well, and occasional thunderstorms. Highlights Returning to Vienna. We visit Vienna a couple of times…
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Monthly Recap: May 2018

April was a full month of sunshine, azure blue bays and lush green rainforests. Occasionally, also koalas, kangaroos and flying foxes. A wonderful adventure to be followed by terrible travel blues. However foolish it seems to feel miserable and unhappy after such a stunning trip that we had in Australia, it was the case. What helped?…
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Spring In Hungary’s Mátra Mountains

After what seemed to be a never ending winter, spring is finally in full bloom in Hungary. This post is simply to celebrate this. Well, and to celebrate my new camera that I love so much! The photos were taken during a weekend hike in the Mátra Mountains this May. Hungary is not particularly famous…
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