15 Wonderful Scenes From Hungary (Outside Of Budapest)

Hungary is our home. We’ve grown up here and visited a lot of places in our country as kids, with our school or our family. We still travel a lot in Hungary. We like exploring historical towns, museums and castles, or hiking in the hills and mountains. They are all perfect weekend getaways for us from Budapest. And they can be so pretty! We collected here some of the most wonderful scenes from our travels in Hungary – outside of Budapest this time.

How We Celebrate Christmas In Hungary

Oh, those old Christmas Eves when I used to stand by the window, hoping to get a glance of the angels as they bring our Christmas tree. Those old, old times when I used to write letters to Christ Child with detailed descriptions and pictures of the toys I was dreaming about. Yes, it’s Christ Child and his angels who come to Hungarian kids on Christmas Eve. And this post is about how we celebrate Christmas – in Hungary and in our family.

Autumn Colors From Buda Hills & Pilis Mountains

If we’d like to get away from the crowd and noise of Budapest, we go for a hike in Buda Hills. While the city is lively and magnificent, Buda Hills are peaceful and fresh. And green – uhm, actually yellow, orange and brown this time of the year. Pilis Mountains are not much further and offer even more long and lovely hiking trails. And even more autumn colors that we just can’t get bored of.