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5 Places To Taste The Best Hot Chocolate In Budapest

Our favorite thing to do in Budapest on a cold, rainy day is drinking hot chocolate. Actually, it’s true for any city but since we live in Budapest we have plenty of time to research the options here thoroughly. Like the long months of winter that we’ve just left behind. Or the chilly, windy days…
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Monthly Recap: February 2018

After not moving out of the house more often than really necessary in January, we finally had our first hike in February. The conclusion: 1) mud mixed with melting snow is one of the most disgusting things in the world 2) the best thing to do in winter is baking (and eating!) chocolate souffles. None…
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Monthly Recap: January 2018

So we were looking forward to some snowshoe hiking. But we said we need snow first. Then it was snowing. But we said that driving on the roads, especially on narrow mountain roads, in this kind of weather is dangerous. So let’s just go somewhere in the Buda Hills that we can reach by public…
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