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House Of Terror In Budapest

So the thing is that we are quite outdoorsy people. We rather walk around in a city instead of visiting museums or exhibits. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like museums, usually it’s just a question of time. If we spend only a couple of days in a city, we don’t want to go from…
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Architecture Highlights: St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Prague amazed us with its stunning architecture! Walking on the charming little streets of the Old Town was like walking in a fairytale and the castle and Prague’s several giant churches impressed us not only with their size, but also with their style. And the most impressive was St Vitus Cathedral. It’s the biggest and…
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Architecture Highlights: Parliament Of Hungary

Do you want to see the most beautiful and unique parliament in the world? Then you should visit Budapest and the Parliament of Hungary. Of course, we haven’t seen all of the parliaments in the world. And we are from Hungary. Still this is our honest opinion – which shouldn’t necessarily be the same as…
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Christmas Spirit In Vienna

After visiting the Christmas market in Budapest last week we decided that we want even more Christmas experience. So what could have been a better choice than driving to Vienna this weekend? We love Vienna so much, anyway. And its Christmas market is famous all over Europe. So why not go and visit now? This…
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Feels Like Christmas In Budapest

‘Tis the season… for Christmas markets. The lights, sounds and smells of Christmas. No matter which city in Europe, each of them has its Christmas traditions. Of course, we had to visit ours in Budapest. Though snow and icicles are not part of it because of the unusually mild December, it’s trying its best to…
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The Best Castles In Hungary

Living and growing up – and travelling A LOT – in Hungary, we’d like to show you some pretty places beyond our popular capital, Budapest. Like Hungarian castles. Because they deserve to get some fame. So here comes what we think are the best castles in Hungary.

The Island Of Love: Corfu, Greece

The island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea is a perfect mixture of cultural and natural beauties. Corfu is sometimes referred as ‘the Island of Love’ because of the myth that Poseidon, god of the sea, fell in love with a nymph, Korkyra and named the island after her. The Greek name of the island…
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Exploring Stuttgart And Places Nearby

If you ask about people’s favorite German city, I guess very few would mention Stuttgart. At first glance, there’s not much there, Stuttgart is rather an industrial city and not a typical one for tourists. There’s stuff to see here – cool stuff! My brother worked in Stuttgart for half a year so we grabbed…
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24 Hours In Bratislava, Slovakia

Though Slovakia’s largest city, Bratislava is one of the smallest capitals in Europe. It’s not one of those cities where you would spend days, hopping from one famous sight to the other. But visiting its pretty little old town and discovering its quirky street art will fit into an enjoyable (and busy) 24 hours. And…
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