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Conquering Rysy Peak In The High Tatras

Slovakia’s High Tatras offer great panoramas and great challenges. After climbing to Kriváň (2495 m) we felt it’s time to conquer the highest peak possible. Though the highest point of the High Tatras (and Slovakia) is Gerlach Peak (Gerlachovský štít, 2655 m) there’s no marked trail to it and you are not even allowed to…
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[Video post] The Waterfalls Of Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s 8 beautiful national parks located along the Krka River in Central Dalmatia. With its seven travertine waterfalls Krka River is an amazing karst phenomenon. Its longest waterfall is called Skradinski buk and it’s special not just because of its beauty but also because you can swim in the…
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A National Symbol: Kriváň Peak, High Tatras

Slovakia’s Tatra Mountains has a symbolic peak: Kriváň. They say that every Slovak has to conquer Kriváň peak at least once in their lifetime. We couldn’t argue. Rather we would extend this principle to non-Slovaks, too. 🙂 Because Kriváň is the most beautiful peak of the High Tatras! Kriváň’s characteristic shape reminds us to a…
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13 Reasons To Fall In Love With Vienna

We’ve already dedicated a sort of love letter to Vienna, our eternal favorite city in Europe. Now this post will be less passionate and more useful. Because we want you to fall in love with Vienna, too. At least, give it a chance. So here are our reasons why Vienna deserves your love. Schönbrunn Palace…
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Hiking In The Soča Valley, Slovenia

Soča River is an alpine river in Slovenia’s only national park, Triglav, and it’s the most beautiful river in Europe! At least that’s how we feel about it after visiting Soča Valley the second time. We’ve never ever seen such an incredibly turquoise river as Soča. Do you believe this color exists for real? Here…
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Why Should You Visit Budapest In Autumn?

Because of the golden. The red. The orange. The brown. Sweet grapes and fallen chestnuts. Because of all the beautiful colors of autumn.

Hike To The Green Lake Of High Tatras!

Slovakia’s High Tatras National Park is abundant with about a hundred of magical alpine lakes and the most beautiful one is probably Green Lake. At least in our opinion. The reason is that while all the other alpine lakes are turquoise and deep blue, Green Lake (Zelené pleso in Slovak) has a unique color –…
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Land Of A Hundred Islands: Kornati, Croatia

Croatia’s long and beautiful Adriatic coast is a popular summer destination in Europe. Not just the countless dream beaches on its indented coastline, but also its hundreds of bigger and smaller islands. Did you know that some say there are over a thousand islands in Croatia? The exact number varies by definitions and by different…
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The Fountains Of Versailles Palace

One of our favorite attraction on our first visit to Paris was Versailles Palace – Château de Versailles as French call it. While the interior of the palace is overwhelming it’s so crowded that we felt somewhat relieved when we finished our tour in the palace. The gardens were different. They are so huge that…
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