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Best Late Spring Hikes In Central (Or Eastern?) Europe

As the weather warms up, days get longer, snow melts and late spring comes, we can hike higher and higher. And we do hike a lot, enjoy the wildflowers that start to bloom at higher elevations and the waterfalls that are roaring. The second piece of our seasonal hiking guide to Central Europe is about…
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Best Early Spring Hikes In Central (Or Eastern?) Europe

We’ve been planning to write a comprehensive seasonal hiking guide to Central (or Eastern?) Europe since ages. We live here, we hike here A LOT! So let’s see the best hikes to do in early spring first. Oh, and whether it’s Central or Eastern Europe, we’ve already written a long post about that. In a…
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Central or Eastern Europe? Which country belongs where?

So we started to write a hiking guide to Central Europe. Or Eastern Europe? That’s exactly where we stopped. We planned to write this guide about hiking in Hungary – where we live – and the nearby countries. And we started thinking about how to call them: Central or Eastern European countries? If you ask…
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