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Best Early Spring Hikes In California

Every season is hiking season with unique beauties in California. Early spring’s magic is the wildflower bloom! It starts as early as January and it’s over by April – at least at lower elevations (we definitely don’t think of the Sierra Nevada which is mostly covered by snow even in April). Also, early spring is your last…
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Best Scenic Drives In The US

Road trips are especially popular among Americans. We understood the reason while living in the United States. It’s just the perfect country for road trips. Roads are wide and well-maintained. They offer any kind of service you’d need (gas stations, restaurants, restrooms, rest areas). On the other hand, distances are long. If you want to see…
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Best Scenic Drives In California

We usually think of driving as just getting from one place to another, hopefully fast and smooth. There’s periods in the long hours of driving when the scenery is interesting and beautiful, but most of the times it’s just the never ending road. California was the first place which surprised us with such scenic drives…
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