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Colorful Mountain Scenes From The US

We love mountains! They have great things to offer each season and they will also enchant you with fabulous colors. If you think that this crazy colorfulness can only be found in early spring and late autumn, well, you are wrong. Spring starts around March at lower elevation, but May and June is the time…
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Colorful Sunsets From The US

Who doesn’t love sunsets? In this photo essay we’ve collected the most colorful ones we’ve seen during our travels around the US. Oh and if you notice that half of them is from California – well, that doesn’t mean we are biased against our beloved California at all, but only that it has truly spectacular…
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Colorful Scenes From The US

So another year ends… It’s time for reviews and resolutions and of course, we look back to our year as well… And our travels. We spent more than a year in the United States and it was full of incredibly wonderful travel experiences! In this post we collected the most colorful scenes we’ve seen. Enjoy!…
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