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Our Best Christmas Market Moments Of 2017

Christmas markets are the best attractions to experience in Europe if you visit in December. They have a long tradition in most of the countries and visiting them means seeing wonderful European old towns dressed up in Christmas lights. They feel like a month long street festival. They smell like mulled wine and chimney cake.…
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6 European Cities To Visit In Autumn

Europe offers an incredible amount of stunning cities and most of them are quite enjoyable in every season. But… of course, there’s a but. Our favorite time for sightseeing in Europe is spring and autumn. The reason? Summer is hot and crowded, winter is cold and grey. Spring and autumn are just perfect both in…
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Our First Timer’s Guide To Budapest

We’ve planned to write about Budapest such a long time ago. Growing up in Hungary Budapest was the first city we visited on school trips as kids and many other visits followed that first one. Now we’ve been living here for 2 years. And putting together a complete guide to explore Budapest seems harder and…
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On Cities And Unbreakable Bonds

Places just like people have their own personalities. And places just like people can dramatically change over time. There are cities we fall in love with in an instant. There are ones we hate at first but then we end up loving or at least liking them. There are those that we appreciate but can’t…
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Monthly Recap: February 2017

February is that month of the year we like the least. Winter lose its magic by February partly because we are tired of the cold, dark days and partly because the weather usually gets mild enough to have mud and rain instead of snow and ice. In February we can’t wait for spring and this…
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Monthly Recap: January 2017

We planned so many new things for this new year and one of them is this exact post. So far we published our most popular Instagram photo at the end of each month and now we want to replace that with a new tradition: a monthly recap at the end of each month. We plan…
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Frozen Budapest

Hungary is a country with four seasons. But that sparkling snowy landscape is only in my childhood memories. The recent winters were mild, grey, muddy and rainy. A bare and dead landscape without the magic of snow – except in our highest mountains for a short period of time. And it’s kind of depressing. Now…
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‘Tis The Season… Well, Merry Christmas!

It’s almost the end of this year. The time for reflections and resolutions. But before reflecting on our year let us reflect on this Christmas season. Everyone is in Christmas mood by now, anyway, right? If not then it’s maybe time for it. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with ranting about what Christmas markets…
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Why Should You Visit Budapest In Autumn?

Because of the golden. The red. The orange. The brown. Sweet grapes and fallen chestnuts. Because of all the beautiful colors of autumn.