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Sightseeing In Brno, Czechia

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe. But it seems that the rest of Czechia doesn’t get that much attention. At least that’s what we experienced on our trip to Moravia last summer. We were surrounded mostly by Czech people as we explored the pretty…
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In Search Of Castles And Historical Towns In Moravia

Poland and Czech Republic. We’ve visited both of them for their world-famous historical cities for the first time. Krakow and Prague. We were blown away. Yet we didn’t really know other places worth visiting in these countries. Maybe Warsaw, the capital of Poland? So we ended up doing a road trip this spring and visited…
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[Video post] Castle Hunt In Moravia, Czech Republic

Do you love castles as much as we do? Let’s get into the car and head down the narrow country roads of Moravia. Don’t get too distracted by the millions of vivid red poppies that cover the landscape in early summer because astonishing castles are waiting for you. It’s really just a little bit of…
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