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13 Pictures To Lift Your Holiday Spirits

We are not especially fond of the colder part of the year. Our mood usually reaches its low around November when skies and landscapes become grey, weather turns cold and wet, and we don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. Fortunately, December cheers us up with lots of Christmas magic and, hopefully, with the…
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Architecture Highlights: Little Blue Church, Bratislava

Famous churches are usually enormous and impressive… Hordes of tourists can be found around them. Not the Little Blue Church of Bratislava. First of all, as its name says, it’s little. Also, few people know about it. Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava is not among the most visited European cities, anyway. And Little Blue Church is not…
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24 Hours In Bratislava, Slovakia

Though Slovakia’s largest city, Bratislava is one of the smallest capitals in Europe. It’s not one of those cities where you would spend days, hopping from one famous sight to the other. But visiting its pretty little old town and discovering its quirky street art will fit into an enjoyable (and busy) 24 hours. And…
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