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Festival Of Flowers In European Cities

Have you ever heard about the Festival Of Flowers? No wonder you haven’t, because we made it up for ourselves this spring. Actually, you may heard about flower parades (like this one in Holland), but ours was a bit different. After the gray and rainy winter months we were so looking forwards to the first…
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Why Should You Visit Basel, Switzerland?

What we found the most beautiful in Switzerland is its magical mountains, the Swiss Alps. We are passionate hikers anyway, so if we can choose mountains, we will. 🙂 And Basel has no mountains. It’s located on that part of Switzerland which is almost plane (okay, there are some hills, to be fair). But since…
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Architecture Highlights: Basel Town Hall, Switzerland

Our expectations toward Switzerland were all about mountains: the wonderful Swiss Alps. Our expectation towards Swiss cities? Having a nice view of the Swiss Alps in the background. 🙂 Well, there’s definitely no mountains to be found near Basel. But it’s such a pleasant and lively city and there’s a lovely old town rich in…
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