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Visit Aggtelek National Park, Hungary

Remember our new challenge? Read this again if not and then let’s get started with exploring the national parks of Hungary! Aggtelek National Park is probably the first national park I’ve ever been to. I was a small kid then visiting the famous Baradla Cave with my parents and feeling very tiny in the giant…
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7 Cool Places Under The Ground In Eastern Europe

I remember a giant hall. The ceiling disappeared in the darkness. There were tiny lights and a huge blackness around us. We walked in silence and awe. Suddenly we came to a halt. We saw a deep ravine and a narrow bridge and we heard the sound of water but it was so deep down…
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Finding Beauty In Our Backyard: Hungary

We try not to make the same mistakes again and again. Still we forget about our home country, Hungary too often. I mean when we plan our travels. Or when we write about our travels. Though this is the country we probably know the best we don’t often talk about it. But we want to…
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