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Hungarian Cities: Debrecen, The Doorstep Of The Great Hungarian Plain

It came, the last piece of the series featuring our favorite Hungarian cities beyond Budapest. But it’s definitely not the last piece we write about places worth discovering in Hungary! Anyway, now it’s time to talk about Debrecen, the doorstep of the Great Hungarian Plain. This dramatic title means exactly what it says: Debrecen is…
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Hungarian Cities: Eger, The City Of Heroes

It’s time to continue our series about Hungarian cities and we have another charming place to show you this time: Eger. It’s located in Northern Hungary on the hills of Bükk Mountains and it’s a city of history and wine. Our first taste of Eger “Eclipse of the Crescent Moon” was the first historical novel…
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Hungarian Cities: Győr, The City Of Meetings

As part of this series featuring our favorite Hungarian cities beyond Budapest we’ve already written about four different cities from four different parts of Hungary: Szeged, Pécs, Sopron and Esztergom. Today we want to show you a city that you can visit on your way from Budapest to Sopron. And this is Győr, the city…
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Hungarian Cities: Esztergom, The City Of Kings

We continue our blog post series about our favorite Hungarian cities beyond Budapest with a lovely and significant city from Hungarian history: Esztergom. A magnificent royal city Esztergom is one of the oldest Hungarian cities and it has an eventful history. Hungary’s first king, Saint Stephen was born in the palace built on the Castle…
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Hungarian Cities: Sopron, The Faithful

What to see in Hungary beyond Budapest? We continue our series with another favorite city of ours: Sopron. This city right by the Austrian border is called the faithful. The story in short is that by signing the Treaty of Trianon after the First World War Hungary lost 2/3 of its former territories. Sopron happened…
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Hungarian Cities: Why Should You Visit Pécs?

Budapest, our capital is well-known and touristy enough. But a lot of people visiting Hungary ask what else there is that’s worth seeing. Whether you like nature or culture or history, we hope to give you some ideas. Like Pécs, the city of culture.

Hungarian Cities: Szeged, The City Of Sunshine

Szeged is the third largest city in Hungary and it’s often called the city of sunshine. It’s located near the southern border of Hungary and it gets the most sunshine based on annual weather reports. I would add that it’s the city of flowers, too, because from early spring until late autumn its streets are…
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7 Charming Hungarian Cities You’ve Never Heard Of

The thing is that whenever we mention that we are from Hungary people’s first reaction is usually: ‘Oh, Budapest, right?’ And we are happy that they recognize the capital of our country and a lot of them have already visited it and like it so much. It is heartwarming. On the other hand, the fact…
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