Spring In Buda Hills & Pilis Mountains, Hungary

Spring In Buda Hills & Pilis Mountains, Hungary

Living in Budapest, our closest hiking getaway is the Buda Hills and Pilis Mountains. Their highest peaks being around 500-700 meters, they are not even real mountains. Still they are ideal for enjoying the outdoors, they have green forests and nice scenic trails. And they lie right at our doorstep.

We especially like hiking there in spring and autumn. While we’ve already published a photo essay about their colorful autumn beauties, it’s time for the spring edition now. 🙂

Pilis Mountains, Hungary

In spring, they are full of blooming flowers – sometimes as early as February. And it’s not just the carpet of tiny yellow, white or purple wildflowers, but trees are also in bloom.

Buda Hills, Hungary

Buda Hills, Hungary

The way up to 534 meters high Nagy-Kevély peak:

Pilis Mountains, Hungary

Pasqueflowers at 550 meters high Nagy-Szénás peak:

Buda Hills, Hungary

Skies get dark from time to time as a spring shower arrives.

Pilis Mountains, Hungary

Cloudy sky goes well with the impressive ruins – in spite of these ruins being fake. They are the copy of the castle of Eger and were built for a movie shooting. Today they are abandoned.

Copy of Eger castle ruins, Pilis Mountains, Hungary

But then sun shines out after the light shower, and the sound of singing birds fill the forests.

Pilis Mountains, Hungary

There’s nothing special there. It’s not the greatest, tallest nor the most beautiful or exciting piece of the world. It’s just a place where it’s good to be. A place where we walk hand in hand, happily in the sunshine.

Do you have a favorite hiking place near your home? Where is it?


Buda Hills & Pilis Mountains

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  1. Anna says:

    So much flowerpower!
    I love this post!

    Happy Monday,

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