Here we collected some of our favorite travel-related resources – sites which we use for planning and booking our trips. We think they are the best and we hope they will help you find inspiration and good deals. Our most important tip before all the below is that you always search for flights and hotels in an incognito browser window (in Chrome you need to go to File > New Incognito Window). This way the site isn’t saving any information about your searches and you can actually get the best deals!

Travel planning:

Pinterest: we are not sure how weird it is but recently Pinterest is our number one place for travel inspiration. We just search for a country, city or area and bummm… a bunch of colorful pin pops up to give us a million ideas what to see and do. We also created several collections from all the useful ideas we found – check out our 130+ Pinterest boards!

AutoEurope Trip Planning Center: European road trip ideas, itineraries, maps, driving guides and tips.

US National Park Service: essential resource if you are planning to visit national parks or any kind of public land (national recreation areas, national historic sites etc.) in the US. All the latest news, road, weather and trail conditions can be found on their website along with guides, maps and recommended hikes.

The Secret Traveller: Helpful tips and interesting articles from 1Cover’s Secret Traveller.

Booking accommodation: booking site for a wide selection of accommodation including a lot of cheap hotels. You get lots of options to choose from when booking rooms here – things like including breakfast, free cancelation or the ability to pay later.

Booking flights:

We use several sites when trying to find the best airfare deals. Though we mostly use these site to only check the deals and we usually try to book flights directly with the airline, they are still essential to actually hunt down those deals! we always check Skyscanner for flight deals. It offers a bunch of cool options to help us finding the best deal – or the best place to go. Because you have the option to choose a country (or choose ‘Everywhere in the world’) and then Skyscanner lists the best deals. Also, you can check the prices on different days which often makes a difference in the price, too. our other favorite place to search for flights. Kayak also offers options to help you finding the cheapest places and cheapest days to fly. A really cool feature is that if you choose ‘Anywhere’ as destination then you can explore the best deals grouped by different categories like Beaches, Family-Friendly Cities, Romantic Escapes, Hiking Hotspots and a lot more. It may also give you some new inspiration where to go.

Google Flights: this is a new favorite. It’s not possible to book flights with Google Flights but it helps finding the best deals in a certain region or at a certain time and tells where to book them. That’s just what we need. And we all know Google is kind of good at finding what you are looking for, don’t we?

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