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Wondering about what else to visit in Poland beyond Krakow? Is Warsaw, the capital worth it?

Living in Hungary, we took two road trips to Poland so far, and even though we know several Central European countries better than Poland (and Poland is huuuge, by the way), we can still tell you about some amazing sights beyond famous Krakow. Well, and of course, Krakow and its surroundings, as well. Just scroll below to read more of our Poland travel tips and guides.

Best time to visit Poland

Poland has a continental climate, with very cold winters (often below freezing) and warm summers. Winters are milder along the northern coast, but you know, it’s the Baltic Sea, not the Mediterranean. 😛



Summer is the busiest season with high prices and large crowds, especially in Krakow and other popular places. Still, our favorite time to visit is summer, because it gives the highest chance to enjoy warm days.

April – May & Sept – Oct


Weather is fairly good, though it can be quite chilly and unpredictable. The number of visitors is surely lower than in summer. This could be a good time for sightseeing, but expect days when you’ll stand under an umbrella, chilled to the bone.

Nov – March


With cold temperatures and grey skies, no surprise that winter is the low season for tourists. However, it could be the time for cheap deals.

The best things to see and do in Krakow

Krakow is not the capital, but probably the most well-known and definitely the most popular city in Poland.

Where to go beyond Krakow?

But Krakow is not the only city worthy of your attention in Poland. We show you some more cool ones that we explored:

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