Photo Essay: White

The next piece of this macro photo series featuring the beautiful colors in nature is about white. White wedding dress. White Christmas. White horse (there’s no such thing in reality). White raven (it exists, though it’s very rare). White lie. White paper. White-collar workers.

Colorful nature - white

Colorful nature - white

White is a color that very few people likes or dislikes much. White is just white. Its simplicity and perfection is unquestionable. It goes well with any other color – and nature combines it with a variety of different colors, as well.

What does the color white mean?

Colorful nature - white

White means lots of things: virginity, cleanliness, purity, innocence, sterility, freshness, goodness, simplicity, perfection. It’s often associated with marriage, but also with hospitals and doctors, winter landscapes or minimalist design.

Colorful nature - white

Colorful nature - white

It’s considered to be the color of perfection, because it contains a balance of all colors in the spectrum. Therefore there are no shades of pure white.

Colorful nature - white

Do you like white? What does it represent for you?

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