Photo Essay: Foggy High Tatras

How is your relationship with fog? As a hiker, I hate it. I’d rather choose rain and wind than fog, because at least one can see something then. Well, no one asks me in the first place. On the other hand, rain and fog often goes hand in hand in the high mountains.

But as a photographer, I started to appreciate fog. In some cases at least. It gives the landscape a mystic vibe – well, when it’s not so dense that you can’t see the landscape at all, that’s what.

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

Since we’ve spent countless weekends in Slovakia’s High Tatras in the past 3 years, we had the chance to experience all kind of weather a high mountain can offer. And it quite often offers foggy weather. And it doesn’t always look that bad.

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

So this photo essay is the collection of those memorable mystic moments we’ve had in the High Tatras so far.

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

The dark peaks of the Tatras surrounded by fog – doesn’t it remind you of Mordor?

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

If the fog is higher, you may even see some beauties appearing: waterfalls, lakes, flowers.

Velické pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

Dlhé pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

But it’s one of the most annoying things ever to reach a peak exactly the same moment as the fog reaches it.

Foggy High Tatras, Slovakia

What about you? Do you like foggy landscapes?


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