Our Best Of Prague

Our Best Of Prague

Staring at a beautiful snow globe with perfect little miniaturized buildings inside as a child – that’s how I felt in Prague.

That 3 and a half days we spent there was perfectly enough for us to explore the city without being in a hurry, so we had plenty of time for walking or just hanging around while admiring the views and architectures.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle, Prague, Czechia

Someone who knows us at least a bit should know that if there’s a castle nearby, we will definitely make a stop there.

Well, Prague has a castle, one of the biggest in Europe actually. With this information provided it’s not hard to guess what was our favorite place in Prague.

While the whole castle complex is amazing, our favorite spots are the huge St Vitus Cathedral with its colorful rosaceas and countless gargoyles and the Golden Lane which is the most fairy tale kind of street in whole Prague.

St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

The castle is definitely a whole day visit if you want to go inside the buildings and the churches and visit some exhibitions, too.

If you are not so crazy about castles, it’s still worth a couple of hours looking around here, because it’s a very amazing piece of its kind!

Best view of the city center: South Gardens

South Gardens, Prague

We spent long hours walking in the courtyards and in the six castle gardens. The views of Prague’s old city center are the best from the castle entrance and from the South Gardens.

Best panorama: Letenské Park

Letenské Park, Prague

For a wide panorama of the castle, the river with the bridges and the city center, just walk up to Letenské Park.

Also, have a famous Czech beer in one of the beer gardens in the park if you like it.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge, Prague

Charles Bridge is the icon of Prague and it has its own charm in every part of the day.

For a romantic walk, you have to get up very early. I mean, very early. We were there at 6 am on our first day and that was perfect timing before it gets really crowded.

Later the bridge becomes the busiest part of the city both as the favorite walking route of tourists and as the center of street arts.

Streets from a fairy tale

Prague, Czechia

But other parts of the old city center are also very busy from early morning til late night. There’s a good reason of course: the Old Town Square and all of those small streets like Melantrichova or Parizska or others nearby simply stole our heart.

For us Prague’s unforgettable charm is in walking on those nice, colorful, narrow streets.

Jerusalem Synagogue

Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague

Though the Old-New Synagogue is more significant in the city’s Jewish history, we liked the Jerusalem Synagogue so much more. Just look at those colors and I don’t think I need to give further explanation.

A really gorgeous baroque church: St Nicholas

St. Nicholas Church, Prague, Czech Republic

While we usually think that baroque churches are ornate and have too much gold everywhere, St Nicholas impressed us. It’s not that those facts are not true about it, but maybe that’s the reason: it’s so ornate that it shocked us completely – in a good way. 🙂

Walk even more!

My opinion is that you can only discover Prague if you walk a lot. It’s such a walkable city, you can hardly find a place which doesn’t worth a walk.

I just want to highlight one of them: the riverbank of Vltava river which offers wonderful views of the bridges and the castle. Our favorite place for night views.

Prague, Czechia

Very good public transport

Usually public transport is good in European cities and it’s especially true for Prague. I think public transport is the fastest and most convenient way to move around the city.

If you only have a day, that’s what you must see:

Visit Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral. Take a walk on Charles Bridge and discover the old city center.

Have you ever been to Prague? What is your favorite place there?



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