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It’s very typical that people travel to faraway countries to see the world, but they don’t even notice the beauty in their own backyard. That’s kind of what happened to us with Bratislava.

We have lived in Budapest for years and never visited the Slovak capital which is only 2 hours drive from Budapest. But now we are back to Budapest again and decided that this has to be changed.

That’s how we ended up in Bratislava during a random weekend.

Bratislava Castle


Bratislava Castle was one of the highlights of our visit. It’s a mixture of a fortress and a palace and has been used as both in different periods of time.

Castle gardens offer great views both of the castle and the whole city as the castle is built on a top of a hill.


In the castle there’s exhibitions of the Slovak National Museum. There’s no original furniture and nothing makes you feel like you are inside a castle – except a beautifully renovated staircase. We already knew this and it’s also good for you to know in advance – just to manage your expectations regarding to the interior. 🙂

Honestly, we didn’t find the museum very interesting and we also missed the interactive exhibitions.

Would you call a church cute?


I would have wanted to mention the Blue Little Church first when I started to write about Bratislava, but decided not to do so, because castle is a castle after all.

But this little church is so fascinating! It’s a Hungarian Secessionist (Art Nouveau) church actually and it looks like a dollhouse, a very cute one both from the outside and the inside.


It’s not so easy to find though, cause it’s a bit further from the old city center – just a bit. But it’s also not so well-known, we haven’t seen any other tourist there which only added to its charm.

As it was hard for me to find information about its exact location and opening hours, I’ll share with you here what I’ve found finally.

Little Blue Church info
  • Address: Bezrucova 2, Bratislava
  • Open: Mon-Sat 6:30-8:00, 17:30-19:30, Sunday 7:30-12:00, 17:30-19:30
  • Free entrance

Old Town


The old city center of Bratislava is really charming – narrow streets, admirable buildings, beautiful squares, cozy cafes and confectioneries, some impressive churches (no, no more cute one).

St Michael’s Street is probably the most famous walking street with St Michael’s Gate at its beginning.

Grassalkovich Palace


Grassalkovich Palace is sometimes referred as Slovakia’s White House. It’s the residency of the Slovak President, so you won’t have a chance to see this wonderful building from inside.

But its beautiful Baroque garden is open to the public, you should definitely take a walk there.



I’ve already mentioned the Old Town, but I have to highlight how much we loved the architecture there – amazing buildings and fascades!

Any complaints?

We enjoyed our day in Bratislava very much. With that said, there were some things we didn’t like.

Apart from the very beautiful Old Town and the riverbank of Danube, we didn’t find much to see. And even in the center we saw some dirty and neglected streets.

Almost no one speaks English and information is usually only in Slovakian. We figured things out finally, but it’s good to have at least Google Translate available. 🙂


All in all…

We had a fun day in Bratislava and we have seen everything we wanted during that day. Our opinion is that it’s a perfect 1-day stop if you are in the area.

Have you ever explored your own backyard?


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  1. We lived in Bratislava for one and a half year and really enjoyed the city. It do take some time to get used to it, a lot of streets might not look so nice but they do have their charm of you give them some time. Most things to see is concentrated to the old town, but a bit further away you will find places such as the Devin Castle, the Slavin memorial and Koliba. You will also be able to find an amazing WWII bunker only a few kilometers south of the Danube at the Slovak-Austrian border 🙂
    Jesper, The Biveros Effect recently posted…Sights in Bratislava – St Martin’s CathedralMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your comment, it’s always so nice to get ideas from locals! We keep them in mind if we visit that area next time. 🙂

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