Our Best Animal Photos Of 2018

Our Best Animal Photos Of 2018

We’ve already shared our best pictures of 2018, but we have an extra piece this time: animal shots!

Photographing animals in the wild is a game of chance and patience. You have less time to adjust camera settings and experiment with different angles. You better be quick when they appear, and take the shot before they turn their back on you (unless it’s a snail, in which case you can take your time). The best camera is the one that you have at hand.

Keeping these things in mind, here come our favorite animal shots from this past year:

A heron from Hungary’s Hortobágy National Park:

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: Heron

A koala from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane:

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: Koala

A fire salamander from Nera Gorge-Beușnița National Park, Romania:

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: Fire salamander

An average sparrow on an average winter day:

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: A sparrow in winter

Tiny, vibrant blue crabs from Whitsunday Island, Queensland:

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: Whitsunday Island

Vibrant blue butterflies from our hikes in Romania:

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: Butterflies

Friendly looking lizard from Australia (surely not poisonous… might bite you though):

Our Best Animal Photos: Australia

Now two more koala shots that might not be very good from a technical point of view, but ones that we are deeply attached to. One is Yoda’s koala reincarnation:

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: Koala

The other one is a touching moment of a koala mum and her baby (you don’t even want to know how long I waited for that cute little baby to look at me and my camera):

Best Animal Photos Of 2018: Koalas

Here’s to another happy, eventful year!


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