The Nicest Lamps From Our Travels

The Nicest Lamps From Our Travels

Sometimes I’m wondering whether it’s a strange thing to take photos of street lamps. I do it all the times for sure and I just can’t stop. They belong to the atmosphere of magical cities and small towns to me. And there’s something about a street which is lightened up by old style lamps. It’s romantic like watching an old movie.

We like walking on the streets when we visit a city or town and gosh, we have a bunch of pictures of different street lamps from different European cities. They add to the vibe, don’t they?

Well, Amsterdam is charming anyway but still.

Lamps: Amsterdam, Holland

And here’s Vienna, our eternal favorite city:

Lamps: Vienna, Austria

Lamps: Vienna, Austria

Lamps: Vienna, Austria

If there’s ideal place for old style street lamps it’s the Old Town of Prague:

Lamps: Prague, Czech Republic

Lamps: Prague, Czech Republic

Or the Old Town of Split, Croatia:

Lamps: Split, Croatia

Maybe Dubrovnik?

Lamps: Dubrovnik, Croatia

And here’s a square dating back to the Middle Ages in the small town of Nin, Croatia:

Lamps: Nin, Croatia

Eger, one of the most stunning historical cities in Hungary:

Lamps: Eger, Hungary

Lamps: Eger, Hungary

Lastly Győr, another lesser known charming Hungarian city:

Lamps: Győr, Hungary

Do you have an odd subject you like taking photos of?



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