Monthly Recap: October 2020

With a 10 days mandatory quarantine in the beginning, followed by a rainy week and a weekend spent with our families, not much travelling happened in October. Nothing, to be exact. We read the news quite gloomily and had a couple of hikes near Budapest, that was all. While October is usually the time for our seasonal forests to parade in autumn colors, we didn’t see much of that this October. The first colorful trees only appeared like a week ago.

Normally, late autumn would be the time to plan which Christmas markets we’d like to visit. But nothing is normal this year, and we have no Christmas market plans, we’re not even sure any would take place. So… to keep the positive vibes, let’s talk about how we organize our days so that they seem more or less normal, and we can stay sane.

Börzsöny Mountains, Hungary

Daily routine is the magic word for that, and these are our most important and favorite daily routines:

  • Morning yoga
  • A couple of hours with Tomi outside, usually in a park or at the playground
  • Writing (I’ll take the NaNoWriMo challenge this November the second time! The only reason I’m excited about November this year.)
  • Having lunch together (maybe it’s straightforward or should be, but for us with a one year old needing attention all day it’s not)

We’ve realized already in spring that it’s a lifesaver to spend time outside and exercise every day. Even if it’s only light walking or jogging. Blue skies make magic on your mood. (Let’s ignore the grey sky days.) Another important rule is not to think about the trips you would have had or would be planning if no pandemic was going on. (We never do that either…. Uhm, at least we should not, and we know it.)

Velence Hills, Hungary

The problems of the now won’t magically disappear in 2021, and it’s more important than ever that we find simple pleasures in our everyday lives. It’s also important to have short-term, feasible goals so that we don’t get lost in all of this mess. This is how we’re going to plan our days this autumn and winter. And talking about simple pleasures… we’re happy to still have readers on this travel blog of ours. You are THE BEST and we truly appreciate you. 🙂

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Danube, Zebegény, Hungary

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Coming up in November

Börzsöny Mountains, Hungary

We’ll have some much needed weekend getaways in Hungary. We’d like to visit places we haven’t visited yet for whatever reasons. Kőszeg near the Austrian border and the Zemplén region in Northern Hungary are at the top of our list.

How about you? How was your October? What are your plans for the next month?

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By Beata Urmos

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