Monthly Recap: November 2020

The end of this year is coming, everyone’s happy, right? Isn’t that what we are waiting for, 2020 to be finally over? Duh. Okay, this post was written for exactly one purpose: to show you our favorite fall photos taken in the first half of November. 😛 By the second half of the month, most leaves have fallen and the landscape has become quite dead. Also, hotels got closed to leisure travel in Hungary. Cafés and restaurants closed, as well. Masks are required, with a few exceptions, even when staying outdoors now. Okay, stop this. Let’s see those pretty fall photos, shall we?


Kőszeg Mountains, Hungary

Fall colors, finally! They might have been a bit late this year, but the first two weeks of November were beautiful. We spent those weekends on the trails, taking pictures and acting like happy, careless kids. (Okay, one of the three of us is actually a happy, careless kid.)

Zemplén Mountains, Hungary

Visiting Northeastern Hungary. A new destination this month! We’ve never been to this corner of our country before, but we took the chance in November, if only for a short weekend getaway. (Note to ourselves: this region would have deserved more time. We’ll fix this as soon as we can.) We went to the (Insta)famous Megyer-hegy Tarn, and hiked part of the Rákóczi Heritage Trail, hunting for ruins. We couldn’t wait and published a photo essay about this trip already – check it out here!

Kőszeg Mountains, Hungary

Visiting Kőszeg and its mountains. Another weekend, another new-to-us region. We walked in the pretty old town of Kőszeg and hiked on the scenic trails of nearby Kőszeg Mountains. Yet another photo essay – if you’re not bored with fall colors…

Destinations visited

Budapest, Hungary
Kőszeg, Hungary
Őrség National Park, Hungary
Zemplén Mountains, Hungary

Kőszeg Mountains, Hungary

Most popular new post

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Kőszeg Mountains, Őrség National Park, Hungary

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Coming up in December

Kőszeg Mountains, Hungary

Well, since leisure travel is forbidden even inside Hungary, we don’t have any travel plans for December. But we plan to write a lot about our summer adventures in Central Europe this summer – Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

We hope we could have a nice family get-together at Christmas, the first one our Tomi might actually remember – or not, he’s not even one and a half years old. But we surely want to show him how much fun it is to play in the snow. Only we hope for some snow this winter.

How about you? How was your November? What are your plans for the next month?

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