Monthly Recap: May 2020

What. A. Year. Oh, you say it was only two and a half months? It felt like a year. We wrote our last monthly recap in February, itching to start travels with our half year old boy and happily telling about all the places we plan to visit this spring and summer. But then spring turned out very differently – and not just for us. And summer is still uncertain.

So there was quarantine

I doubt anyone is curious what we’ve been up to during the quarantine, don’t they? The experience was quite similar and yet very different for a lot of us. We felt it’s especially hard for us, because getting out with our baby during the winter months was too much of a hassle and we couldn’t wait for spring to finally go to places and meet with people more often. But then quarantine was especially hard for most people because of different reasons.

Spring in Hungary

Within our friends and family we don’t know of anyone who was affected by coronavirus. In fact, not that many people were affected in Hungary compared to other countries. In exchange we were all affected by the quarantine. I guess we should feel lucky, don’t we? Well, that’s the tough thing about this that no one knows. Different countries acted differently and it’s still early to tell who did it right – knowing that there might not be just one right way, but it could be different for different countries.

Given that the news was flooded by coronavirus (why, of course, it was…) and that no one really knew anything certain, we stopped watching the news almost entirely. News was no good for us. We tried to find and appreciate the small pleasures in our locked up lives. Our Tomi learned to crawl, sit and now he stands up when holding onto things. We took regular local walks. We searched for the most abandoned paths in the woods. Bea has published her very first novel (in Hungarian).

Our plans

Spring in Hungary

As for this blog, we posted less often. After making plans since our Tomi’s birth last August and then cancelling them, we could not stand thinking about our travels, least our future travels. Not that there was much to think about. It was all uncertain. And blogging was the last thing on my mind.

So for the first time since we started this blog more than four years ago, I wrote blog posts not because I enjoyed writing them but because I wanted to stay faithful to the few readers who stayed faithful to us. And I’d like to say thank you to all of you. Because you kept this blog alive.

Spring in Hungary

And it will be alive and be about our travels. Is our life going back to normal soon? It depends on what normal means, I guess. It’ll never be the same. The new normal will be something different, better or worse, we don’t know yet.

Since mid-May, restrictions in Hungary have lightened. We started meeting with friends and family. We started to plan trips inside our country, and even in our neighboring countries. Hiking trips with no sightseeing this time. We try to pick the least frequented places. We prefer being in nature, anyway. And nature is the best retreat in this situation.

It’s fragile. Anything can change anytime. Whenever we plan to go, we go by car. We won’t book any flights yet. It’ll be the summer to take holidays locally for most people.

New hiking posts this spring

Spring walk in Hungary

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What’s It Like To Hike With A Newborn Baby? Reflecting on our first hikes with Tomi last autumn. Hopefully, there are some useful advice in there, too.

New posts about Ireland

Ballinskelligs Castle, Ireland

We took this road trip last spring and we still have a lot to tell you about it. So far we have two new posts:

Posts about movies, books, virtual travel and other stuff to help you surviving the pandemic

12 Movies About Travel For The Times You Stay At Home. If you’d like to travel through movies.

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Coming up in the summer

It’s time to write all those stories from our Ireland trip last spring. Also, we have a lot to tell about lesser known places in Hungary. And we hope to share our new hiking adventures, as well.

How about you? How was your spring? What are your plans for the summer?

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By Beata Urmos

Bea is the co-founder of Our Wanders. She’s the writer and the trip organizer, and she’d love to help you plan your own amazing trips! She likes hiking, good novels and chocolate, as well. Her motto is: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” (John A. Shedd)

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