Monthly Recap: March 2017

Spring has arrived to Hungary! And our March was full of happiness about the sudden warm weather, the sunshine and all the beautiful blooming flowers. Even though we were busy with work even on some of the weekends, we had some sunny walks, we started running occasionally in the mornings and we had lunch out on our balcony. Spending more time outdoors reminded us again how much we missed it during winter.

Though our very first weekend trip this spring started with an all day long pouring rain. We decided to explore all of Hungary’s national parks this year and we signed up for a bird-watching guided walk in Hortobágy National Park like two weeks ago. Some rain was forecasted and it was drizzling as we got in the car. It was already pouring when we got out. Of course, we are not be scared away from any hike by some stupid rain.

Spring in Hungary

Well, that stupid rain lasted for the duration of the guided walk and then on. Until it got dark. Not exactly the best start for this hiking season. Or should we say it’s just the usual? Considering we got soaked at least once every week last year… Anyway, we are ready to take up challenges. 😛

Highlights of March

Weekend trip to Debrecen. After our rainy day in Hortobágy National Park at least we got a perfectly sunny one. We spent it in Debrecen, a lovely Hungarian city that is actually the second largest in the country after Budapest. We are yet to tell more about this one soon!

On the hunt for blooming flowers. We enjoyed walking in the city parks of Budapest or hiking in Buda Hills to find the first flowers of the season.

Cappuccino cake

Homemade cappuccino cake. Our favorite recipe in March – not even to mention the cake itself. It’s one of those recipes that we figured out for ourselves. It’s simple, relatively quick and the result is very sweet – definition of an ideal dessert for us.

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Spring in Slovak Karst National Park, Slovakia

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Coming up in April

Spring flower blooming will reach its peak in April so we want to continue our hunt for the most beautiful flowers. Also, we planned some weekend hiking trips in Hungary. Though we don’t feel like going back to Hortobágy National Park, we are excited to visit Bükk National Park again – one that is located in the mountains. And once mountains are involved we are good. 🙂

Hopefully, we’ll also have a longer trip to Poland in April! We’ve already been to Krakow last year and loved it very much. We are now eager to see more of Poland – this time it should be Warsaw, Łódź and Wrocław. Can’t wait to see what they have for us.

Debrecen, Hungary

As for this blog, our latest new stuff is our YouTube travel channel. We uploaded some videos each month this year and we enjoy this thing. Okay, please don’t say our videos are horrible; we’ve just started it and we’ll realize it later anyway… but that would mean some progress already, haha. Anyway, have you already subscribed?

How was your March? What are your plans for the next month?

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