Monthly Recap: July 2020

After the high hopes for reopening the EU in June, came July. With constant uncertainty and confusion. Most countries, including our own, changed the entry restrictions – and keep on changing them -, leaving lots of people confused.

We understand that no one wants the health situation to get much worse. But honestly, the situation was always expected to be getting worse once people leave their homes. Saying “you can travel to all the neighboring countries (and any country in the world, actually)” and return without restrictions, then saying “well, 14-day quarantine applies from X and Y countries” two weeks later hardly helps people to relax on their holiday – and hardly helps tourism. But that’s what’s happening now. If you’d like to travel these days, then keep an eye on the constantly changing green, yellow and red lists of the countries (and lots of countries have their own lists) and prepare for… well, who knows?

Litvorové pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

We know there are people who say no one should travel at all these days. (As a matter of fact, these people usually tend not to travel, anyway, COVID-19 or not.) Then there are people who say no one should travel abroad. People easily get to extremes in this topic. Our opinion is that if we can do it safely, we travel. We try to avoid crowded places and wear face masks in closed spaces.

But we cancelled our hiking trip to Bulgaria, because both Bulgaria and Serbia were put on Hungary’s yellow list, meaning we’d be subjected to a 14-days quarantine upon our return. We’re hoping to do some hiking in Austria in August instead. And we went on some last-minute weekend getaways to Slovakia’s High Tatras in July. We booked our accommodation just a few days in advance – which is actually not new to us, because we like these random getaways and do them whenever we can, anyway.


Litvorové pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

Returning to the High Tatras. Being 7-9 months pregnant last summer, I was not in the shape of hiking in our beloved High Tatras. So we skipped that and missed it so much! But since the Hungarian-Slovak border is still open, we took two weekend getaways to the High Tatras this July. This time we hiked with our baby boy, and enjoyed it so much! Also, we realized that despite the lots of strenuous high mountain trails, the High Tatras offer quite some which can be safely (though not always easily 😀 ) done with a baby carrier. We can’t wait to tell you more about them soon.

High Tatras, Slovakia

Wildflower blooming in the High Tatras. We highlight it separately, because… well, it’s the only place we hiked in July, so what else could we talk about? 😛 On the other hand, it deserves to be highlighted. Wildflower blooming in the High Tatras is just the best in July.

Chilling out at Lake Balaton. We met with our family at every Hungarians’ favorite summer destination, Lake Balaton. It was beach time for us, and time for Tomi to learn to feel comfortable with other members of our family when we’re not there. That last part needs some more practice.

Destinations visited

Budapest, Hungary
Lake Balaton, Hungary
High Tatras National Park, Slovakia

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Coming up in August

Velické pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

So we hope we’re going to Austria for a week. Lots of hiking planned! We’d like to see glaciers and waterfalls. Alpine meadows with wildflowers and alpine lakes with reflecting peaks. Sunshine, peace, things like that. Not too much to ask for, right?

And we have air tickets, as well. What?! Well, these are the ones we bought in February. We were supposed to fly to Sardinia in mid-June which hasn’t happened since the flight was cancelled. Instead of asking for a refund, we moved the booking to the end of August, hoping that no one will even remember COVID-19 by then… Okay, I don’t know exactly what we were hoping, but we had some hope – and we still have. But we can plan things only a couple of weeks ahead this summer, so it’s hanging in the air in the “we’ll see then” zone.

How about you? How was your July? What are your plans for the next month?

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