Monthly Recap: January 2021

It’s such a cliché to say that we don’t really like the trial version of 2021, so we’d like to give it back, please. This is our general feeling though, and we’re not alone. Lots of people were waiting for 2020 to end, because a new year brings new hopes.

Of course, we all knew the pandemic won’t end because of a new year – and so it didn’t. It won’t get better as fast as we would like it to. All of the challenges are here with us in 2021, as well. Despite knowing this before, it took some time to really sink in, I guess. Because we wanted a new start so badly – an empty, fresh start without the weights of the past. It’s just that there’s no such thing. We all carry our past from one year to the next – as individuals and as societies.

So here’s 2021, with the pandemic still going on, and with restrictions getting stricter rather than lighter in most parts of the world. We hope it’ll eventually get better, and it’s a realistic hope with all the vaccines, but at the moment, we can’t do much other than being patient and staying as sane as we can.


Snow in the Börzsöny Mountains, Hungary

Snow in Hungary! Our winters are usually cold in Hungary, but snow is not very common, at least in the past decade. Winter landscape is usually brown and grey, with bare trees, and honestly, it’s quite an ugly sight. We usually try to spend as little time outside as we can, but since currently it’s mostly outdoor programs that are possible, if any, it means we’re constantly sitting at home which we also can’t stand for long. That’s why we were so happy about some fresh snow in the beginning of January. It didn’t last long, and there was barely any snow in Budapest, but we went hiking in nearby Börzsöny Mountains, and got to see a magical winter wonderland up there.

Learning and working. Since we can’t travel now, and can’t even plan future travels yet, we try to put our energy and enthusiasm elsewhere. The area of our lives where we can be active right now is our career and our blogs. So we work on improving our skills and knowledge, taking online courses, and working on this blog to be more structured and have all the useful content you need when it’ll be possible to travel again.


Snow in the Börzsöny Mountains, Hungary

Writing a travel blog. Well, it’s not that satisfactory at the moment since no one travels or plans travels. So one thing I’ve worked on a lot in January was optimizing and updating (and sometimes entirely rewriting) old posts which is kind of an invisible thing to do, but necessary and quite useful. I also poured my energy into my other blog – a personal and book blog written in Hungarian.

Most days are the same. Anyone else struggling with monotony? I know there are people out there struggling with unemployment and life and death, and I’m not entitled to feel bad. But feelings are just there, and my monotonous days make me feel apathetic and hopeless. The monotony with spending every day with a toddler would be a challenge on their own (yes, it’s joy, too, lots of joy), but topping it with the monotony everyone else goes through while staying at home, working from home, not meeting anyone, doing the same things every day feels too much sometimes. I very badly want to pack my bags and escape to the end of the world sometimes. Alone.

Destinations visited

Budapest, Hungary
Börzsöny Mountains, Danube-Ipoly National Park, Hungary

Most popular new post

Hegyestű, Balaton Uplands National Park, Hungary

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Coming up in February

Nagy-Hideg-hegy, Börzsöny, Mountains, Hungary

Our days in February will likely be the same as the ones in January. Not too thrilled about it, but it’s what seems realistic now. We still don’t want to plan any travels, because we don’t see the point in planning them just to cancel them later – something we’ve done about five times last year. As obsessive a planner as I am, I can’t bring myself to it now, it became one of those things that are a burden and not a joy as they once was, because of all these uncertainties. We’re waiting to get vaccinated, but have no idea when that can happen.

How about you? How was your January? What are your plans for the next month?

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